Buffalo Gold Bullion Coin

The Buffalo Gold Bullion Coins were introduced by the United States Mint in 2006. They are offered by the company for public sale in the form of investment product. The production of the Buffalo gold coins has been authorized under the Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005. The Act stipulates that gold coins should be minted at a face value of $50. Moreover, the United States government guarantees the content and the purity of the coins.

The 24 karat coins display the modified design of the Indian Head nickel by James Fraser. The front side of the coin displays a Native American who has the combined features of the chiefs Big Three, Iron Tree, and Two Moons coming from American Indian tribes. The reverse side of the coin features the buffalo, also referred to as the American Bison. Many believe that the coin displays Black Diamond: one of the past attractions of the New York Zoological Gardens.

The Buffalo Gold Coins were introduced with the idea to outpace the sale of the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins. Many investors choose the 99.99 percent pure gold coins offered by the Royal Canadian Mint rather than the 91.67 percent gold coins of the American Gold Eagle. The new coins aim to attract more foreign investors on the American gold market.

The new edition of the United States Mint is easy to purchase, store, and transport. Due to the support of the US government, the Buffalo Gold Bullion Coins are easily saleable on the gold market. Many people choose to invest in gold bullion coins as a part of their Individual Retirement Accounts. Furthermore, the gold coin production is up to the highest standards. Upon coming from the minting press, the coins are packaged in protective plastic sheets. This ensures that their quality will remain unchanged.

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